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I am excited to be involved in the launch of this new company, a company dedicated to developing and marketing high quality musical instruments, products, and accessories. With my partner Claudio Fantinato, the technical brain trust of the company, we are introducing the Phil Dwyer Edition line of tenor and alto saxophones.

In the fall of 2012 we traveled to Taiwan in search of the best parts, alloys and components available and once we found those we custom ordered what we needed to produce our state of the art horns, blending some of the design features of the classic SBA horns with the rigorous precision tooling available today. We import the parts to Canada and assemble the horns in our own shop, with many extra finishing details not found on any other instruments. As each one comes off the line it is play tested personally by me, and when you buy your new Phil Dwyer Edition horn you will get a link to a video of me testing your exact horn. This is why we are confident that a SeaWind horn will provide the best “out of the case” experience available. And speaking of cases our SeaWind ABS cases are state of the art too.

You can check it out here: