On a roll..

Nothing for months, now two posts in two days. Somebody stop me!

After I returned from Europe I sent straight into rehearsals with the Art of Time Ensemble for a pair of shows with Brent Carver. Brent, if you aren’t familiar, is a veteran and very highly regarded stage performer. I saw him years ago in Kiss of the Spider Woman, in the role of Molina. He won a Tony award for the Broadway run of this show. For the last many years the Art of Time Ensemble has been producing a “Songbook” series, featuring different singers performing original arrangements which are commissioned by artistic director Andrew Burashko. I was a charter member of Art of Time and have been fortunate to have maintained my ties to the organization despite living on the west coast for many years. I’ve had a great time doing songbook shows with Gregory Hoskins, Steven Page, Sarah Slean, and this last one with Brent. Brent is not only a fabulous singer but a master of dramatic presentation. He was able to ‘sell’ the songs in a way that was completely unique, and an absolute pleasure to witness.

I didn’t have a lot of music work immediately following that, but there were lots of interesting things happening nonetheless. Among them…

• a film shoot with my son Ben for a documentary
• stopping by a recording session with the Ensemble Vivant group, who were recording a couple of charts I wrote for them

• a wonderful evening celebrating the K.M. Hunter Artist Awards. Back in 2001 I was fortunate to be the recipient of one of these awards. Since then the Hunter family have taken the awards to a whole new level and are to celebrated for their ongoing support of the arts and other worthy causes.

• I attended the gala premiere of Mitchell Cohen’s The Journey: A Living History of the Regent Park Revitalization. Mitchell is a remarkable person. His company, Daniels Corp., has been the principal in the redevelopment of Regent Park. The Journey was a musical depiction of many of the issues surrounding the project, and showed a lot of great sensitivity and insight into the challenges and successes of such an ambitious undertaking.

• lunches with lawyers – as a fledgeling law student I am extremely curious to learn as much as I can about the profession. I’ve been fortunate to have been able to get together with several gifted and experienced lawyers who’ve been gracious enough to share their time and knowledge with me as I try to piece together an understanding of what my life in the legal profession might look like. One thing I’ve found out is that the breadth of opportunity in this new realm is far beyond what you could imagine from the outside. I guess any profession is like that, but it’s really exciting to find out about all the different areas of practice that exist.

So, I did manage to keep busy and then it was the end of June and time to get back to playing some music. More on that soon…