Law school exams and some new recordings…

This afternoon I wrote my first ever law school exam. Criminal Law 1500. Next week I have three more exams (Contracts, Torts, Property) and then Constitutional Law Dec. 15th and then the first semester if over. It has gone by pretty quickly but I realized while I was writing the exam today just how much learning Prof. O’Byrne (my Crim prof) and the others have packed in to the last 3 months. My aging brain is throbbing a bit, but I think if I can make it through the next 10 days in one piece then the hardest part might be over. The learning curve involved with going to law school at my age after not having been in school since Grade 12 (1983) is pretty steep but I certainly know more about the process than I did back in September and I’ll be better prepared for the second half of the year for sure.

I haven’t been doing too much playing lately but there are two new albums coming out that I was lucky enough to be a guest soloist on. Bobby Rice has a new album out with his Latin Jazz Big Band. It’s a great band, the writing is exciting a creative and Bobby is also a fantastic trumpeter.

John Korsrud’s Vancouver-based Hard Rubber Orchestra has done for the big band what Vitamix did for the blender…and occasionally with similar results. Over the years John and HRO have been stalwart commissioners of innovative new music by some of the most forward-thinking composers from Canada and around the world. I was honoured to perform the world premiere of one of Kenny Wheeler’s last compositions with the group last year and they have also worked with people such as Hugh Fraser, Darcy James Argue, Brad Turner and have also featured some of John’s own (fantastic) compositions. Anyway, I played on a couple of tunes on their latest album “Crush” which is a good one, featuring some of the best jazz and classical musicians on the Canadian west coast.

Anyway, back to studying. Looking forward to a break from school but keeping busy over the holidays with some great music writing projects that came up recently. And with the festive season coming up, if you are looking for some gift ideas from a great Canadian company, head over to the SeaWind website and check out some products for the woodwind player on your gift list!

I’ll try and check in when I am finished school for this semester, but if that doesn’t happen then I will take the opportunity now to wish everyone happy holidays and remember to take some time to relax and enjoy the company of your family and friends.