In case you were wondering…

I guess I don’t write that many blog posts because I figure that there is so much going on in the world of the intra-web that I don’t need to contribute any more noise. But, on the other hand, it seems a little negligent not to keep things at least somewhat up to date; and the last time I posted was in March so here comes a little update.

Law School

The short version of the story – which is what I’m going with here – is that I made it through first-year law. I did probably a little better than I was expecting and very much looking forward to continuing in the fall. I had some great teachers at UNB, and really enjoyed the company of my (much younger!) classmates.

Since Law School

I finished my last exam on April 22, I was on a flight that night to Toronto and played at the Rex April 23/24 with a fantastic group that I put together with Larnell Lewis, Mike Downes, Robi Botos, and Kevin Turcotte. Despite having hardly played my horn at all for the previous 8 months I was able to draw on the inspiration of working with these amazing players, and a packed and attentive audience at the Rex, to summon up some of my vestigial musical skills. I guess I put in my 10,000+ hours playing that horn so it comes back pretty quick. Such a good time!!

The next day (April 25) I was on a plane to London to start a 3 week tour of UK/Europe. I was traveling by myself, with the support of the Canada Council, and visited a number of cities playing with old and new friends. Thanks to Dave O’Higgins (London) Stu Brown (Aberdeen) Bill Kyle (Edinburgh), Dave Beecroft (Berlin), George Robert (Lausanne) and Diogo Vida and the trio in Lisbon. Also a shout out to Ambassador Jeff Marder, congrats on your posting!! I met Jeff years ago when he was working at the Canadian embassy in Santiago, Chile, and now he is the Ambassador to Portugal.

I’ll wrap up there for now, and come back soon with the next installment. Bye for now.