SeaWind saxophones rebate!!

From now until Oct. 15 you can get a $250 rebate on SeaWind Phil Dwyer Edition saxophones. More info here. SeaWind is also now carrying Jody Jazz mouthpieces (which I am endorsing) and Cebulla neck straps (ditto).

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On a roll..

Nothing for months, now two posts in two days. Somebody stop me! After I returned from Europe I sent straight into rehearsals with the Art of Time Ensemble for a pair of shows with Brent Carver. Brent, if you aren’t familiar, is a veteran and very highly regarded stage performer. I saw him years ago in Kiss of the Spider Woman, in the role of Molina. He won a Tony award for the Broadway run of this show. For the last many years the Art of...

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In case you were wondering…

I guess I don’t write that many blog posts because I figure that there is so much going on in the world of the intra-web that I don’t need to contribute any more noise. But, on the other hand, it seems a little negligent not to keep things at least somewhat up to date; and the last time I posted was in March so here comes a little update. Law School The short version of the story – which is what I’m going with here...

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